Let’s Bring Back Old School NBA

I am not an analyst. I am just a fan watching today’s NBA. The game has evolved so much that I miss the old times. I know you will say, “you are just old just move on grandpa”. Gone were the days that the “post-up” is the go-to move of the team. Today the 3 ball is most used shot. Well thanks to Curry because he was the reason of this change. GSW was so successful using the shot beyond the arc that made them champions again after so many years. Curry made a mark that it was widely replicated by many teams.

But for me I still prefer the old school basketball. High percentage is still great than lower percentage shot. According to commentators “the mid-range shot is the lost art in NBA”. I like those team that still do the post-up than those that do the 3 ball instead. I am sure people from betmeister.net will conform with me.

Today’s NBA teams are so in love with the 3-point shot that it is their primary shot for example the Rockets. They are high volume 3-point shooting team. Well 3 is better than two, yes, it is but I take a lay-up over a 3 ball always. It is a high percentage shot.

One prime example today is when teams are on a fast break, they rather want to stop on the 3-point line and shoot a three than going straight for the rim for a dunk or a layup. I mean common, high percentage shot is the best way to go.

Looking Forward

Well I can’t blame players because this type play is widely accepted by the coaches, players and the fans. It is accepted by everybody. We had come a long way and that is what makes the game beautiful, the ability to adapt through time. We will never know what the fad will be next. Whatever it is we are here to embrace it.