Coping with Your Toddler and New Baby

Every time we have a baby, we focus all our attention to them. We tend to their needs and nurture them until they grow. As a new parent every day is exciting and new to us especially when your baby is your first born.

However, when another baby comes along, this is the time that your routine changes and it can be an overwhelming experience. You should know how to handle both your toddler and your baby at the same time.


When you have your first baby, your baby was your sole focus and we are always there to meet the needs that they want immediately. You always make sure that your baby clean, tidy and guide them to do right things. Firstborns are literally sparkly clean; everything is organized and in the right place. Most of all routines are strictly done. If you are looking for strollers for you toddler you can visit this stroller site.

Second babies

When the second baby comes everything is different. We tend to be short with the time and energy. Less inclination for the need to be perfect for everything and we tend not to do things immediately. Now that there are two children to look out for and take care. This time more coordination is needed to juggle the responsibilities between the two children.

We tend to prioritize the one that needs our help first and we tend be more flexible with the second child. Since we have established a routine for the toddler, we can be flexible in bringing the baby anywhere we want. This toddler’s routine should be maintained in order to have a normal environment for the toddler. By the way if you are prioritizing to buy an Uppababy Minu for your toddler, you can get info here.

Parents tend to be flexible on the second time because they have already experience everything on the first child. When they are confronted with a problem with the second child, parents tend to respond accordingly.

Having a great balance between the two children is vital for the development of both children. It also helps the parents to be effective and be responsible parents to both their children.

Let’s Bring Back Old School NBA

I am not an analyst. I am just a fan watching today’s NBA. The game has evolved so much that I miss the old times. I know you will say, “you are just old just move on grandpa”. Gone were the days that the “post-up” is the go-to move of the team. Today the 3 ball is most used shot. Well thanks to Curry because he was the reason of this change. GSW was so successful using the shot beyond the arc that made them champions again after so many years. Curry made a mark that it was widely replicated by many teams.

But for me I still prefer the old school basketball. High percentage is still great than lower percentage shot. According to commentators “the mid-range shot is the lost art in NBA”. I like those team that still do the post-up than those that do the 3 ball instead. I am sure people from will conform with me.

Today’s NBA teams are so in love with the 3-point shot that it is their primary shot for example the Rockets. They are high volume 3-point shooting team. Well 3 is better than two, yes, it is but I take a lay-up over a 3 ball always. It is a high percentage shot.

One prime example today is when teams are on a fast break, they rather want to stop on the 3-point line and shoot a three than going straight for the rim for a dunk or a layup. I mean common, high percentage shot is the best way to go.

Looking Forward

Well I can’t blame players because this type play is widely accepted by the coaches, players and the fans. It is accepted by everybody. We had come a long way and that is what makes the game beautiful, the ability to adapt through time. We will never know what the fad will be next. Whatever it is we are here to embrace it. Like asking the question “is it legal or safe?”, I am sure we will find the answers to it.

Basketball Big in the Philippines

First, you may wonder, where the heck is the Philippines? Well the Philippines is an archipelago country that is in the Southeast Asia. Archipelago is a group of islands that made up the country. If you can check the map of the Philippines most of places are surrounded by water.

Just a quick history, this country is a third world country. It has been invaded by so many superpowers like the Spain, Japanese and then the Americans. You may think that because it is a third world country that it does not have the ones we have in America.

Well your wrong, in this country people speaks English and they are better than most of the South East Asian neighbors. It even has McDonald’s. It also has online betting and you can get promo codes from here

Yes, you heard it right it has McDonald’s. What stands out with this country is that, this country is crazy about basketball. Even if racially they are not gifted with height, but they are still hooked to basketball. This crazed is reflected in their streets. When you have a chance to stroll on the streets of this country you can see a basketball rim in every corner. Some may not be a standard hoop but still it is still a ring.

Basketball is big here. Even big names in the NBA visited this place and was amazed by how the sport is played here. Unfortunately, no matter how passionate the Filipinos on basketball they do not have currently a player that is representing the country in the NBA.

I mean a pure breed Filipino that is playing in the NBA. Although Jordan Clarkson who is playing for the Utah Jazz is half Filipino and half American. Filipinos are still clamoring to have one that is pure Filipino.

Looking Forward

Well for now Filipinos has a prospect in Kai Sotto a 7-footer player that is a pure Filipino. They are hoping that Sotto will be drafted in the NBA soon. He is still young though at 19 but he has serious footwork and shooting. It is more of a Kevin Durant type player.